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February 22, 2012
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You entered the meeting room, where the Allies were having a get-together. You were hoping to see Ivan, whom you had grown very close to over a short period of time. But, to your horror, he wasn't there ... and the other Allies seemed to be rather happy
"Dude, I am so glad he's not here ..." Alfred sighed
"He is rather ungentlemanly at times, America" Arthur said, taking a sip of tea
"He scares me ..." Yao mumbled, full of anxiety
"Well Russia isn't here ... so stop worrying" Francis growled, folding his arms
"What's going on?" You asked, a little worried
"Russia's not here. His sister called saying he was sick, or dying ... or whatever" Alfred said, smirking
"Wh-what?! Russia is sick?" You asked, horrified
"Yeah, he must have caught something" He said, shrugging
"H-haven't you checked on him at all?" You asked, a little appalled
"No we haven't, why?" Arthur asked, eyebrows raised
"Ivan!" You breathed, running out of the room
The other Allies called after you as you ran off, but you ignored them. You couldn't believe that they were actually happy about Ivan being sick ... more so because you had developed feelings for the man. Sure, he did have a dark side, but that was because something in his past broke him ... which is why he became the man he that he is. You had to see him ...


You knocked on Ivan's door loudly and Toris came to the door, bowing his head
"H-hello! How are you?" He asked
"Ivan! I came to see Ivan" You said, concerned
"Oh good! He just asked me to go and get you" He said, smiling
You smiled back. Toris was a lovely guy ... kind, but cautious ... and he was always there for you and Ivan ... always
"Where is he?" You asked
"He's in bed at the moment ... but he said he won't go to sleep until he sees you" He replied, scratching his head
You blushed a little and began to fidget
"Can you take me to him?" You asked, smiling
"Of course. Follow me" He replied, letting you inside
He led you down the hall and as you followed him, you looked around Ivan's house. It was so big ... and you couldn't imagine living alone in a place like that. You came to a room and Toris knocked on the door
"Russia ... (Name) is here" He said, opening the door slightly
He looked at you and nodded. You ventured inside and gasped. Ivan was looking at you with a smile. He looked very sick indeed ... he was sweating and his silver hair was a mess. Even in bed, he was wearing his scarf ... even though he was in his nightwear. You walked over to the bed and smiled at him
"привет, Ivan" You said, smiling
He let out a silent laugh and held out his hand. You held it and he squeezed your hand. He mumbled something in Russian. His voice was hoarse ...
"You shouldn't wear that in bed, Ivan. You'll be too hot" You said
He closed his eyes
"Do you want me to take it off for you?" You asked
He nodded slowly
"I trust you" He said
You were confused as to why he said that, but you soon found out why. You took off his scarf and gasped. There were horrific scars on his neck, some of which were burns. You weren't surprised ... after all, his country's history wasn't all sunshine and rainbows ...
"Ivan ... do you need me to get anything for you?" You asked
He shook his head and coughed loudly
"All I need is you" He said
You blushed a little and smiled. Your heart began to work overtime ... you certainly didn't expect him to say that ... especially since you were in love with him and hadn't told him how you felt yet
"You're ... not going to go away are you?" He asked, sounding sad
"Of course not. If you want me to stay, I'll stay. I care about you, Ivan" You said, blushing
He smiled and closed his eyes, mumbling something in Russian. He shed a tear
"Come closer ..." He mumbled
You obeyed and he opened his eyes
"A little closer ..." He mumbled
You gave a little confused smile and sat on the bed. He spread out his arms, indicating that he wanted a hug. You smiled and leaned over so he could hold you close in a tight hug. His embrace was very warm ... and cosy. You almost fell asleep in his strong arms
"(Name) ... I love you ... please ... never leave me ..." He said, holding you tighter
You gasped when he pulled you in for a kiss. It was a little rough, but it was still caring ... and loving. His cheeks were burning yours because of his fever ...
"I-Ivan?" You mumbled
You kissed him on the forehead and he let out a small whimper
"I love you too ..." You said, smiling
You rested your head on his chest, listening to his steady and soothing heart beat ... and the two of you fell asleep in each other's arms

The End
Russia falls ill ... and the Allies have never felt safer

Also, you get to see what's under the scarf!

I found the picture on Google
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