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April 3, 2012
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Why Did Russia Jump?

Ivan Braginsky (Russia) broke his back yesterday because he jumped out of a plane without a parachute. The big question is : "Why did he jump?" According to Yao Wang (China), Mr Braginsky said the snow would break his fall because it was soft. Aparently, when Mr Wang advised against jumping, Mr Braginsky said "I'm Russian, I know everything about snow!". At this moment in time, Mr Braginsky is currently unconscious in hospital, and we are awaiting his comment on this bizarre event

You put the newspaper down, sighing sadly as you looked at Ivan. He looked so peaceful as he slept in the hospital bed. The doctor said he was lucky to be alive ... his sisters were both very upset and the Baltic States both looked very concerned. Besides them and yourself, there were no other visitors
"Oh, my poor little Brother ..." Katyusha wailed, crying heavily
"Why would he jump out of a plane without a parachute?" Eduard asked, scratching his head
"Beats me" Toris mumbled, folding his arms
"Maybe it's because he's not as smart as we think he is" Raivis said
Ivan groaned and he looked a little angry as he began to shift uncomfortably. The older Baltic brothers noticed this and tried to get the younger sibling to apologise quickly, which made you laugh a little. Oddly, Ivan seemed to calm down and a smile appeared on his face
"That's one way to prove he can hear us" Natalia said, giving you an intense glare
"Well, I'm going to leave the room!" Eduard said sheepishly, walking out of the room in a casual manor
"Wait for me!" Raivis cried, running out after him
You laughed as Toris sighed and left as well. You looked at Ivan who seemed to have a small grin on his face. You had a rather large crush on him, and were too terrified to tell him because of his crazy sister who seemed hell-bent on marrying him


It was late, and it had been a month, perhaps two since Ivan jumped from the plane, and he was still unconscious. You were the only in the room, because the others had gone home. You were tired, but you vowed not to leave Ivan's side, at least until he woke up
"Ivan ... wake up. Please, please wake up. I love you" You said, starting to cry
You sighed as you got up. He didn't budge
"I've been here 24 hours a day ... and he still hasn't woken up. I should just give up and go home" You mumbled
Just as you put your hand on the handle, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist
"Eep!" You squeaked
"Don't leave me, [Name]"
You gasped as you felt his breath on the back of your neck
"I-Ivan, wh-what are you-"
He span you around, making you face him. He hugged you again, tighter than before. He was like a big teddy bear, warm and cuddly ...
"I woke earlier, but I wanted to talk to you when I had you all to myself" He said
"What are you saying, Ivan?" You asked, confused and intrigued
He whispered something in Russian in your ear, making you blush
"I-I'm sorry, but I don't speak Russian" You mumbled
He looked at you with his gentle lilac eyes and smiled
"You're my parachute" He said, letting go
"I was so alone ... even with my subordinates and sisters living with me. That was ... until I met you, [Name]. You're the only person I know who isn't afraid of me, no matter what I say ... or what I do. And since I met you, I have stopped having those reoccurring nightmares of the night the Romanov family, along with many others died. You comfort me when I'm sad ... and you told me that it wasn't my fault that I couldn't save them that day. You saved me from falling into insanity ... somewhat" He said, blushing
You couldn't help but laugh. He was a little crazy, but it wasn't his fault. It was his dark past that made him the man that he was. It was a first seeing him blush, though. You had never seen him like this before
"Therefore, you are my parachute" He said, cuddling you tightly again
"That would explain why you jumped out of the plane" You mumbled, hugging him back
"Did you mean it?" He asked
"About loving me"
You went dark red
"Y-yes, I did" You mumbled, clinging to him tightly
He pulled away slightly so he could get a better look at you
"When I whispered in your ear, I was telling you that I loved you" He said, smiling sweetly
Before you could respond, his lips crashed into yours as he kissed you passionately. You were a little taken by surprise at first, but after a while, you returned the kiss and he smiled as he pulled  away gently
"I ... I love you too" You mumbled, blushing fiercely
But there was something on your mind that couldn't go unignored, so when he tried to kiss you again, you moved so he kissed your cheek instead. He gave you a confused and hurt look
"What's wrong, Sunflower?" He asked, sounding concerned
"How can you move? Doesn't your back hurt?" You asked
"Don't be silly, I'm stronger than I look! I feel fine, in fact, I've never felt better" He said, smiling
You laughed a little
"Oh, Ivan ..." You mumbled as you buried your head in his chest

I don't own the preview picture, it is a screenshot from Hetalia, which is copyright to Hidekazu Himaruya

This is a One-Shot

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

- Parachute by Cheryl Cole
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It was filled with Ivan fluff~! It was a cute story I like the part were it talks about his sister being "Hell-bent". It was amazeing! It was just amazeing it had it's very own story I have never seen anything like this. And I have to say I love the preveiw picture. The detail and grammer are both great. I love how you put him responing in his sleep it gives a nicer highlight to him being in a coma. You added cute moments. That is a good bit of what I liked the most really there is more.
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this was just absolutely epic adorable! the fluffiness nearly made me fall over in the cuteness~ the news story sounds like something they'd write in the news XD i could imagine ivan getting up and huggling me! it was the really sweet and tender moments that made me squeal like a fangirl~ but it's also the deph of the hospital room that gives it a bit of a sorrowful side. i cracked up at how belarus is "hell-bent on marrying russia" XD i hope to see more country X readers like this (mostly with russia~!) keep up the amazing work on these~!
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:D :D:D:D:D:D:D IVAN I WUB U!!!!!!!
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This is as awesome as jumping out of a plane, without a parachute, in your chibi form, and screaming 'VODKAAAAAA' while falling XD
His sister is going to kill me for awwwwwing through most of this story....Halp me ;-;
IS831fan9 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
my only question is: why DID he jump out of the plane without a parachute??
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Why the hell they killed Anastasia and other children? They didn't do anything wrong! They couldn't stop revolution or something by themselves! Murderers
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I don't know. All I know is that night was a very tragic and bloody one
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Lana here.

I have a terrible fear of heights and falling.... This is my boyfriend and I's song! How did you know? He promised he would always catch me before I fall. And so far, he's doing a good job at sticking to his promise.
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