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January 10, 2013
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"U-uh ... Become one, da?" Ivan said nervously
The girl he was talking to walked away, looking agitated. He went back to his friends, who were leaning against the wall and had seen what had happened
"You botched it again?!" Arthur said, folding his arms
"At this rate, you'll become the guy in the school with the most rejections" America said
"Oui, even more than that loser from Canada" Francis laughed
"Francis, that's our friend Matthew, aru" Yao sighed
"He's still a loser" Francis muttered
"Alright, let's get back to the job in hand ... getting Ivan a girl so his crazy sister will leave him be" Arthur said
"Sh-she's not crazy. She's just ... eccentric" Ivan said, a little embarrassed
He was always a little defensive when it came to his family, but he couldn't deny that his younger sister Natalia was a little messed up in the head. He had gone to his friends for help, hoping they could teach him how to get a girl to like him ... one that wasn't his crazy sister. But he always ended up panicking and messing the whole thing up
"Come on, it's fairly simple. Don't let nerves get the best of you" Arthur said
"Easy for you to say ... you and Alfred could easily get a girl. You're ... normal" Ivan mumbled, looking down
"Oh come, now ... if Yao can get a girl, you can" Francis said
"Hey, that's not nice, aru!" Yao said, scowling
"Anyway, back to the subject at hand ..." Arthur growled, trying to get the conversation back on track
Everyone else fell silent as Ivan began to wonder if asking his friends for advice was a good idea after all. He let out a small sigh and thought that maybe he would do better if he wasn't under so much pressure. Maybe it was the fact that he was conscious of his friends watching that made him panic?
"Ivan? ... Ivan!"
Ivan snapped out of his trail of thought and looked at his friends, surprised that his mind had wondered off mid-conversation. Although ... it was nice to forget about the real world, if only just for a moment. He was starting to think he would never find someone ... his nose was huge and he was a lot taller than most, making him appear intimidating or even scary
"Come on, snap out of it dude" Alfred said
"We need to focus" Arthur sighed
"Maybe I should just crawl into a hole and die alone somewhere" Ivan muttered
"That works, too!" Alfred said
Yao smacked him around the head, shouting at him in Chinese. Ivan sighed, and looked around the room. Then, something caught his eye ... a [age] year old girl was leaning against the wall further along the hallway, reading. He felt his heart skip a beat and his cheeks flush red ...

"I-it's her" He breathed
"Her?" The other boys asked, confused
"It's [Name]! Th-the most beautiful person in the school" Ivan said, fidgeting
"Oh, please. Everyone knows I'm the most beautiful" Francis said in an arrogant fashion
"You keep telling yourself that, Rapunzel" Arthur muttered
"Are you sure you want to ask [Name] out? She's turned down every guy who's asked her ... hey, she even turned Gilbert Beilschmidt down and he's the chick magnet" Alfred said
"I'd prefer you didn't call women baby chickens. Also, stay away from my sisters aru" Yao said, sighing
Ivan took a deep breath and walked over to [Name] fidgeting a little
"U-um ... привет!" He said, very nervous
She looked up from her book
"What?" She asked with a quizzical look on her face
"O-oh, i-it's Russian. "привет" means "hello". Sorry for the confusion" He said, fidgeting
"I see ... are you Russian, then?" She asked
"D-da. I moved here from Moscow about five years ago" He said with a nervous smile
"Wow, sounds interesting! I must say, your English is very good" She said
"Th-thank you. Um ... my name is Ivan, by the way" He said, fidgeting
"Nice to meet you. I'm [Name]" She said with a sweet smile
"O-oh, I know! Y-you're prettiest girl in the school!" He mumbled
"Thank you" [Name] said, blushing
Ivan felt very much under a lot of pressure knowing that his friends were watching and his nerves were starting to get the best of him
"I was ... w-wondering if ... m-maybe ... you would like to go out with me?" He said, shaking a little
[Name] smiled
"Sure, I'll give you a chance" She said
"Great! S-so, uh ... how about we meet up here at lunch?" He asked
"Sure. We can figure out what to do from there" She replied, smiling
"G-Great, so I'll see you then?" He asked, blushing a little
"See you then" She said, walking away
Ivan's heart leapt for joy and looked at his friends, who were looking at him with expressions of surprise
"Bloody hell. He actually did it" Arthur said, surprised
"Aiya, I can't believe she said yes, aru!" Yao said, laughing a little
"I can't believe it's not butter!" Alfred piped up
Yao smacked him around the head and Ivan laughed. He could hardly believe that [Name] had agreed to spend time with him, either. He looked at his friends, who had proceeded to start arguing about who was responsible for the whole thing. Ivan was just grateful that the others were there to support him and taught him not to give up
"Thank you, Guys" He said with a smile
"No problem!" The others said in unison
Once again, they began to fight and Ivan sighed. How those four managed to get girls to like them was a big mystery to him ...

The End
This is a One-Shot

Russia tries to overcome his shyness with the help of his chums ... which yields surprising results
It's not my best work, I know ... but it's been ages since I submitted stuff and I'm running out of ideas for One-Shots

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
Story (c) Me, SwiftNinja91
You belong to :iconyayrussiaplz:
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badassgermanchick Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was just to great ! This was so cute and I died laughing when America said , "I can't believe it's not butter !!"
Miss-Inuyasha Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Alfred-"I cant believe its not butter!" 
Me-walks up to Alfred(smacks him square in the face with a book)
everyone else-(snicker)
Me-Who else wants to get facebooked
All-(get quiet)
Me-I thought so
abey9 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
I get facebooked all the time! :) Hahaha!
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Russia is so cute and America is an idiot
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"i cant believe its not butter!"




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"I can't believe it's not butter!"
:icongermanyfacepalmplz: You sad excuse for a nation...
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" I can't believe it's butter!"

*sighs and throws a book at his face* =3= You just got facebook'ed, believe it.

other words; Awesome story!~
PickleQueenOfNinjas Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
It's a mystery to me too...
KiraXHetaliaLover Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Lol Omg I laughed so freakin hard I can't believe its not butter xD
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