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January 29, 2012
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Ivan stared out of the window and looked at the sky. It was a dull grey, as usual ... and he knew that any moment now it would snow ... again. He wanted nothing more than to live in a warm place and grow sunflowers, which were his favourite plant. He sighed
I wonder what's going to happen today ... most likely the same old thing ... He thought
He watched the Baltic States running around doing their chores as if their butts were on fire. He found it quite amusing ... because that meant sooner or later, one of them would slip up and try to beg him not to hit them, which made him laugh (inside his head, obviously as he didn't like to laugh out loud too much). He noticed that Natalia, his little sister, was staring at Toris with a little smile on her face, which was a little weird ... and she was blushing too, which was even weirder ...
As I thought, same old thing ... I need entertainment ... He thought
As if on cue, there was a smashing sound in the kitchen where Ravis was doing the dishes. He began to squeal and Ivan grinned
Perfect timing He thought
He went into the kitchen and saw that a plate had been smashed on the floor
"What's going on, Mr Latvia?" Ivan asked with a smile
This is going to be hilarious He thought
Ravis squealed
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to drop it!" He panicked
It was a good thing Ivan was good at holding in laughter ... otherwise, he would be rolling on the floor with laughter
"Don't be sorry ... just don't do it again, da? Now tidy up" He said, leaving the room
It was always a good idea to show the Baltic States mercy ... but it was also good to discipline them accordingly
That was fun while it lasted ... what to do now I wonder ... He thought, looking around
Just then, Eduard came running into the room
"Estonia? Aren't you supposed to be doing Laundry?" Ivan asked
"Y-yes, but ... she's here! (Name) wants to see you" Eduard said, sounding nervous
Oh! At last, something different He thought, grinning
Ivan went to the front door, where (Name) was standing there with a smile
"привет!" He said
She mimicked him and he smiled
"Sorry, I'm still learning Russian ..." She said, looking at the floor
She ... wants to learn my language?! He thought, surprised
"Anyway, I have a surprise for you!" She said
"I have a gift for you" She said
"But ... it's not my birthday" He said, looking at her confused
"I know, but I thought you'd like it" She giggled
No one's ever gone through this much trouble for me ... I wonder what it is He thought, giving her a blank look
"Come on, I know you'll love it!" She said


(Name) took Ivan to a strange building he had never seen before. It was see through ... and had plant pots inside. She led him inside
"This is a Greenhouse. It keeps plants warm, even in cold weather" She said
"I could use one of these!" He said, smiling
"It's yours, Ivan. I got it for you" She said, blushing
"M-me? This is mine?" He asked
"Uh-huh" She said "Hold out your hand"
He obeyed, slightly suspicious and she placed a tiny seed in his hand. He stared at it. He had never seen one like this before
"What's the matter? Never seen a sunflower seed before?" She asked
He almost fell over in shock. This tiny thing ... was going to be something he always wanted
"Go on! Put it in the plant pot" She said
He approached the plant pot in the corner, excited and planted the seed. He looked at her and smiled
"No one has ever done something this nice for me" He said, blushing
She approached him and rubbed his chest, which made him feel uncomfortable
"стать одним со мной, да?" She said, grinning
"Wh-what?" He squeaked, his face going bright red
"You heard me ..." She said
He swallowed hard
"You ... really want that?" He asked
She nodded
"I love you, Ivan" She said
She grabbed hold of his scarf and pulled him in for a kiss, which caught him completely by surprise. He wanted to pull away and shout at her, but at the same time, he wanted to kiss her back and tell her he loved her. Before he could do either, however, she released him
This day just got interesting He thought, smiling
"I love you too, but don't tell anyone. I don't want people to think I've gone soft" He said, hugging her
She giggled
"Of course I won't ... but he might" She said
He looked out of the Greenhouse to see that Ravis had been watching the whole time. He looked frightened and confused. Ivan's face went dark red
"Damn it ..." He mumbled "Oh well ... at least no one will hurt you ..."
She smiled
"Except America" She said
He glared at her
"If he so much as pokes you, I'll break his finger off" He said
He let go of her and they exited the greenhouse. Ravis began to cower
"Spread the word! Ivan's in love with me!" (Name) boasted
Ravis looked confused
"Spread it ..." Ivan warned, glaring at him
Ravis ran off screaming and Ivan looked at (Name) with a smile
"Scaring him is so much fun" She said
She's so great ... I love this girl! He thought, grinning from ear to ear

The End
Russia recieves a little prezzie ... that goes down really well!

:iconblackdemondragon13: suggested I do a Russia story, so here it is!



привет (privet) - Hello [Russian]

стать одним со мной, да?(statʹ odnim so mnoĭ , da?) - Become one with me, yes? [Russian]

I found the Preview Picture on Google
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