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May 16, 2012
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"Aw, Itachi! Stop it!"
You looked up and saw a cute little kid, about your age (aged 6 or 7), getting his face cleaned by a boy who looked like a much older version of the little kid
"It's your first day, so you behave ok?"
"B-but I don't want to, I'm scared ..."
"Go on, you'll be ok. Remember, You're an Uchiha!"
"Big Brother, couldn't I stay with you for five more minutes?"
"No, Sasuke ..."
"Three more more minutes?
"No, Sasuke"
"One more minutes!"
The older boy laughed and patted the little boy on the head. You gave a little giggle as well
"Sasuke ... everything will be alright. Trust me"
"Itachi!" the little boy squeaked, hugging the older boy
"Go on. Have a good day, Sasuke!"
The older boy got up and the little boy stood there, waiting until his brother had disappeared from view. You wondered over when you saw the little boy cry
"Hello!" You said, with your best smile
The little boy jumped at your sudden appearance and you giggled
"I'm [Name]!" You said
"S-Sasuke Uchiha ..." The little boy mumbled
"Wow! You're an Uchiha? That's so cool!" You said
He smiled and blushed a little, which made you giggle
"Who was that, Sasuke?" You asked
"M-My big brother, Itachi" He replied
"Wow! He's so tall!" You said in awe
"Yeah! And he's the bestest brother in the whole world!" He said, smiling
"Is it your first day?" You asked
"Y-yeah ... I'm a little scared" He mumbled, fidgeting
"Come on, then!" You said, taking his hand
He blushed fiercely as you pulled him along
"Just stay with me!" You said


You and Sasuke became very close, in fact the two of you were best friends. But then, one day, Sasuke ... changed. You were in the hospital, by his bedside. You had heard that he had been found collapsed in the middle of the street after the Uchiha massacre. Of course, you were very worried about him, especially after he woke up. He didn't say a word for weeks ...
"Sasuke, I brought you a flower!" You said cheerfully, holding out a small daisy
Sasuke said nothing and you smiled
You went to hold his hand but he smacked it away for the umpteenth time since he woke
"Why are you so mean to me? You're my friend ..." You mumbled, upset
He looked at you with cold, soulless eyes and you looked down, a little crushed
"Sasuke ... I know what happened and I want to help you" You said, fidgeting
"You can't" He growled
You looked up, shocked by the fact that he spoke and hurt by the fact that he declined your offer of help
"B-but ... why not?" You asked
"I am an Avenger ... and I work alone. I don't need friends" He growled
Even though you were young, those words hurt. It felt like he had just ripped your heart out of your chest
"But I like you, Sasuke" You said, a little sad
"I don't care ... just leave me alone" He said in a low, threatening tone
Distraught, you began crying your eyes out
"You're so mean!" You wailed
"I don't care. Just go away, [Name] ... and don't bother talking to me again" He said
You left, upset and heartbroken. Your only friend in the whole academy rejected you ... and now you were alone. You ran out and sat at the base of a tree, crying heavily

"Hey, why are you crying?"
You looked up and saw a blonde haired boy in front of you
"Sasuke said he doesn't want to be my friend anymore" You said, upset
The boy sat next to you
"I could be your friend" He said
You dried your eyes
"That's very sweet" You said, smiling a little
"I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" He said, grinning
You laughed a little. Suddenly, your mother appeared and pulled you to your feet
"Stay away from that boy, young lady!"
"Why Mama?" You asked, confused as she took you away
"So, how was Sasuke?" Your mother asked, ignoring your question
"He doesn't want to be my friend anymore ... he was mean to me ..." You said
"Don't worry, sweetheart ... I'm sure you'll make a new friend" She said
You looked back at Naruto and he was at the base of that same tree, crying
"Mama ..."
"Not now, sweetie ..." She said
From then on, you and Sasuke grew more and more distant, no matter how hard you tried to reach out to him ... and you hoped to make friends with Naruto, no matter how much your mother discouraged you ...

A request from :iconsasunaru4everxd:

This is a One-Shot

The picture is a screenshot from Naruto, which I do not own.

It's Sasuke's first day at the Ninja academy and he meets a cute little girl! But, sadly ... his happiness is not to last
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