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April 17, 2012
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The phone rang and Gilbert rushed over as if his butt was on fire. He picked up the phone and jumped on the sofa, almost sending Ludwig flying as he was sitting on the other end. He just rolled his eyes and went back to reading as Gilbert answered the phone in his usual obnoxious and arrogant manor
"Ja, this is the Awesome Me speaking, how may I direct your call?" He said, smiling and admiring the wedding ring on his finger
"We have your wife" a certain American said
He froze and almost dropped the phone in shock. He went pale, paler than usual if that were possible. Then, once what America said had sunken in, his blood began to boil ... almost literally. Saying he was furious was an understatement. He loved his beloved wife [Name] more than anything else. She was the one that he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his days with
"You'd better not have hurt her, or-"
His heart skipped a beat
"Gil ... help me!"
"[Name]! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" He asked
"No, I'm not hurt. I-OH!"
"What's wrong?" He asked, sitting up straight
"I-it's nothing I-AH!"
"G-Gil ... I think the baby's coming"
He froze and his heart lept
"Cross your legs, I'll be right there!" He said
The phone went dead and he threw it on the floor angrily, breaking it
"What the hell?!" Ludwig shouted
"They've got [Name]! And she's gone into labour!" Gilbert growled
Ludwig's eyes widened
"Scheiße ..." He breathed
"We have to get to her, or those savages could kill my baby!" Gilbert said, angry and worried


[Name] screamed in agony
"What do we do?!" America cried
"It's too late to get her to hospital. She's going to have the baby here" England said, sighing
"Gilbert, hurry!" She wailed
"Who's going to deliver the child?" England asked
"I'll do it, aru" China said
"N-no! Don't touch me!" [Name] squeaked
"We have to do something, ma chere" France said
"Da, or the baby will die" Russia said
[Name] squealed when she heard this and began to cry heavily
"Everyone leave the room. I'll deal with this ... and call an ambulance, aru" China said
The others obeyed and [Name] whimpered
"Gil ..." She breathed
Just then, the sound of the front door breaking down filled the building
"[Name]! Where are you?"
"Gil!" She breathed
She screamed as the baby began to make it's way out. The door burst open. An angry looking albino was standing there
"G-Gilbert! Th-the baby ..." She breathed
He suddenly became calm and hurried to her side
"The baby ... it's ..."
"Ok, she needs to start pushing. Hold her hand, aru" China said


[Name] looked at her baby proudly as she was helped into the ambulance. Gilbert looked at the Allies with a look of pure anger
"Why did you take her?" He asked
"It was his idea, aru" China said, pointing at America
America looked down
"I thought she was just fat" He said
Gilbert hit him
"You touch her again, and I will make sure you wish you had never been born" He growled, getting into the ambulance with [Name]
She smiled
"Are you ok?" He asked
"I'm alright ..." She mumbled, holding the baby close
"Sehr Gut" He sighed
"I'm so glad you came" She said, smiling
"I'm glad I made it in time" He said
He took her hand and sighed
"I will never let anyone take you again ... you have my word" He said
"It's ok, it's not your fault" She said
"I was unawesome today. Can you forgive me?" He asked
She nodded, smiling and they looked at their newborn daughter with pride
"Looks just like her daddy" She said, smiling
"Impossible! No one could be as handsome as I!" He declared
Unfortunately, this outburst made the baby cry and [Name] laughed
"Not so loud" She whispered
"Sorry ... but it's true" He grumbled
"Maybe, but next time ... don't wake the baby" She said
"I won't make any promises" He said, pouting

A request from :iconreddeathhots:

Prussia's "Awesome Woman" is captured by the Allies, but can he get there before she has his first born child?

It was SUPER late, so I was tired when I wrote this. The quality may be crap!
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Really America?! Fat?! How bout i i teach u a lesson bout mood swings! 
Great story btw!
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