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April 26, 2012
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"Uncle Prussia!"
Gilbert groaned as the little girl rushed over as her father, Ludwig stood in the doorway
"Don't complain, Gilbert. You agreed to watch her whilst I go to see my boss" He said
"Fine, fine ..." Gilbert grumbled
And with that, Ludwig was gone and little [Name] was standing there, with a big grin on her face. She loved her silly uncle very much, but Gilbert hated feeling like he was being lumbered with her
"Uncle Prussia, can you tell me a story?" She asked
He smiled at her, and picked her up
"Of course, anything for my awesome niece!" He said, sitting on the sofa
Her smile got bigger as Gilbert began. She loved his stories, because they were all about a dashing man called "Filbert", who apparently was the most handsome and awesome albino in all the land. Filbert was no doubt [Name]'s favourite character because he got to go on so many adventures
"Once upon a time, there was a little Princess called [Name]" He said
[Name] giggled at the mention of her name
"And she was captured by the Wicked Wizard of the West!" He said in a dramatic tone
"Bad West! Bad!" She said
Gilbert grinned, but he knew he was going to get it in the neck later when Ludwig hears her say that
"Yes, Wicked West was a big meanie and very ugly!" Gilbert said
"Yeah! West ugly!" She said
"But then, one day ... Filbert heard about the little princess and went to rescue her!" He said
"Yay! Filbert! Filbert!" She said, jumping up and down on his lap, excited
"But, when Filbert came to rescue her, he began to disappear!" He said
She gasped
"No! Not Filbert!" She said, getting upset
"But, luckily, Wicked West had a change of heart and saved Filbert from disappearing" He said, smiling
"Yay! Wicked West is nice!" She said
"And he made Filbert do Laundry! And made him tidy his room!" He said, dramatically
"Oh no! Bad West!" She said, frowning
"But Filbert was happy ... because he could spend time with the little princess. He loved that little princess with all of his heart. The End" He said
She giggled as Gilbert gave her an Eskimo Kiss
"I wuv you, Uncle Prussia" She said, hugging him
He smiled
"Come on, let's raid the fridge" He said
"YEAH!" She cheered


After a while, little [Name] had fallen asleep on the sofa and Gilbert watched from the door way to the kitchen. He looked down at himself for a moment
"If only she knew ... that I really did almost disappear ..." He mumbled
He sighed as he remembered how pathetic he looked when he came to Ludwig for help
"I'm so glad he let me stay ... who knows what would have happened if he hadn't taken me in" He thought, sighing
Just then, there was a knock on the door and Gilbert went to answer it. It was a messenger, holding a telegram. I took it and looked at it with worry
Gilbert STOP
I have been called away for urgent business STOP I need you to look after [Name] until I return STOP Please don't screw up END

I sighed and looked at the sleeping [Name]. It was my job to care for her ... I knew that Ludwig wouldn't be called away for no reason ... so, I had no choice but to mind her myself. I didn't mind that at all, after all she is my awesome niece. I bid the messenger farewell and closed the door. I wondered over and shook [Name] awake
"[Name], I need to talk to you, sweetie" He said
"What's wrong, Uncle Prussia?" She asked
"Your ... Vatti has to go away for a while" He replied
"You mean like a holiday?" She asked
He smiled at how naive and cute she was
"Ja, like a holiday. But don't worry. I, your Awesome Uncle, will look after you until he comes back" He said, smiling
"How long will he be gone?" She asked
"I don't know, but I know he'll come home faster if you wish super hard and be a good girl for your Uncle Prussia!" He said, smiling
"Yeah! I'll be good, I'll be good! And I'll wish extra super hard for Vatti to come home!" She said
He hugged her tightly and sighed. That little girl meant so much to him and yet, he couldn't help but feel jealous. He wished she was his, but sadly ... he was only her Uncle, so he could never give her the father's love she needed. But he could sure as hell try
"I wuv you, Uncle Prussia!" She said, hugging him
"Ich liebe dich, [Name]" He mumbled, returning her hug
And so, [Name] was looked after by her beloved Uncle Gilbert until her father came home

A request from :iconsilvergoldshadow:

Prussia has to babysit his brother's little girl, but he can't help but feel a little jealous

This is a one-shot
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I have been called away for urgent business STOP I need you to look after [Name] until I return STOP Please don't screw up END
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In telegrams, STOP was used because there was no "full stop" signal on a telegraph
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