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February 6, 2013
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It started off as a regular day ... for a Princess, anyway. You were to succeed the throne one day and rule your kingdom with kindness and wisdom like your parents before you. Though you loved being a princess, you often found yourself bored ... usually because your parents were forcing you to pick a husband from the Princes who lived in the neighbouring kingdoms. All of which, your parents wanted to form an alliance with and to be honest, you didn't want to marry any of them. The Prince from the East, Gilbert, was arrogant and boasted about his awesomeness. The Prince from the West, Ivan, seemed nice enough, but rumours told of his secret dark side which was caused by his traumatic past. Then there was the Prince from the North, Feliciano. He was a coward and always ran away from fights as he waved a white flag around. You definitely didn't want to end up marrying him if he would rather run than defend his kingdom. Truth be told, you wanted to marry out of love ... not just for your parents' benefit. When you told your parents this, they scolded you and reminded you were a Princess and that you were basing the ideals of marriage on silly notions such as love. You knew it was your duty to marry a Prince, but it didn't seem fair that you couldn't marry someone you loved instead of someone you didn't like and be forced to have children with them. You just wished that something would come along and take you away from this nightmare ... little did you know that Lady Luck was on your side, and you would get your wish sooner than you thought

It was a regular evening. You had just eaten dinner and you were in your nightwear, standing on the balcony as you watched the starry sky. This was the only time you could be alone with your thoughts. No parents pushing their noses into your business or servants asking if you needed assistance. It was nice to finally get some peace and quiet before going to bed. You let out a small sigh and headed back inside, closing the window that lead out onto the balcony as you re-entered your bedroom
"Will my life ever have any excitement? I'm sick of silly "royal duty" nonsense." You muttered angrily to yourself
You sighed sadly, knowing that there was no escape from your royal prison unless you were kidnapped. You climbed into bed and were about to fall asleep when you heard a noise coming from outside
"What on Earth was that?" You mumbled to yourself, sitting up to find your gaze being met by a pair of emerald eyes
You let out an "eep" as you backed away. Before you was a handsome man, no doubt a pirate because of his attire. He had golden blonde hair and you found yourself fixated on those emerald orbs that were his eyes. He had a mischievous smirk on his face as he crawled across your bed so you were nose to nose
"Wh-who are you?" You asked with a mixture of curiosity and fear
"You do not recognise me from Wanted Posters? I am not surprised ... your parents must shelter you and protect you from knowing all the horrible villains in the world" the Pirate said
He ran his hand very slowly up your thigh, making you shiver and blush like crazy. It was clear what he was going to do to you. He was going to kidnap you, make you his then maybe get rid of you when he grew bored. To be honest, you didn't mind the kidnapping part but you didn't want him to just throw you away like a used napkin ... you would have to find some way of keeping him interested in you
"I, my beautiful rose petal, am Arthur Kirkland the most feared yet most loved Pirate to sail the seven seas" He said, winking
You gasped. You had heard of him before ... you often heard your maids talking about him and how amazing he is. They would often swoon and giggle whenever he was mentioned but when you went closer to listen, they spotted you and went back to work
"Y-you! You ransacked an entire village ... you're the Captain of the Union Jack!" You said, amazed
He got off the bed and gave a bow, obviously pleased that you had acknowledged his greatest misdeed to date. Now, your interest in him was slowly turning into fear ... you had to keep him interested in you if you wanted to live. After all, stories said that Captain Kirkland killed those who bored him
"And what is it that you want with me?" You asked
"Silly Princess ... weren't you listening? I am going to steal you and make you mine" He said, scooping you up into his arms
You couldn't help but swoon a little as he held you. For someone who was so skinny, he was certainly strong. His grip was firm, but at the same time it was gentle so you weren't being crushed
"What are you doing?" You said, your voice shaking from fear
"Your memory isn't very good ... you should work on that if I am to make you mine" He said, carrying you towards the window and out onto the balcony
Your heart skipped a beat and your breath stilled as he climbed down the ivy on the castle walls. You couldn't believe that it was actually happening and you honestly thought that this was some cruel dream. But, it was not ...
"Put me down this instant! I am perfectly able to walk" You said as he reached the ground
Captain Kirkland let out a chuckle
"You aren't resisting. That will serve you well ... and you're feisty. I like that in a woman" He said, licking his lips
"I said put me down. I can walk" You said with a firm tone
He raised an eyebrow and smirked, putting you down with a chuckle
"If you insist ... now, let's go. I'd rather be as far away from being executed by your guards as is humanly possible" He said, taking you by the wrist
"Hey! Unhand me, you scoundrel!" You cried, blushing like crazy
He began to run, leaving you to do nothing but try your best to keep up ... almost tripping several times in the process. You couldn't believe that it was in the middle of the night and you were running off with a Pirate in your nightwear. No one but your servants and parents had seen you so indecent. He ignored your protests as the two of you disappeared into the night ...

2 Years Later

Your kingdom was still searching high and low for you, not knowing that their precious Princess was now part of Captain Kirkland's blood thirsty crew, sailing the high seas and having exciting adventures. You never wanted to go back ... and managed to establish a friendly bond between yourself and the Captain. The crew often teased you, but you didn't mind. They were all lovely people when the cat-calls and inappropriate comments stopped and they continued to pick on the poor Canadian Cabin Boy, Matthew. Travelling with Pirates had certainly changed you. You were now completely self reliant and you no longer wore dresses that made it hard to breathe and no longer had nosy parents breathing down your neck at every waking moment. You loved the freedom that the Pirates had given you, but you loved the Captain even more. You teased him with playing "hard-to-get", and he liked it ... which was probably why he kept you around for two years. That and the crew had taken a shine to you, even though you had only been on the ship for two years and you had fallen deeply in love with the Captain. And one day, you heard the crew saying that the Union Jack was going to make port at Tortuga. You knew you had to confess before it was too late ...

You knocked on the Captain's door, a little nervous if truth be told. You were wearing the clothes he gave you when you first boarded his ship; a white blouse with a dark brown sleeveless jacket, black baggy trousers with a red sash around your waist and brown boots
"Come in"
You opened the door to find that he was laying on his bed, reading. He looked up when you entered the room and you let out a quiet squeak when you noticed the top buttons on his shirt were undone and his hat and coat were hanging on the stand in the corner of his cabin. Then he gave you a "come hither" look, which made your cheeks go bright red
"U-uh ... Captain Kirkland, sir. May I have a word?" You asked
"Sweet [Name] ... you are no longer in your castle. There is no need to be so polite" He said with a light chuckle
"Of course ..." You said with a smile
"Now ... what is it?" He asked, putting the book down on the bedside table
"Well, so much has changed since we met and I have grown to like you after two short years" You said
"Indeed. Matthew adores you and the rest of the crew are very fond of you as well" He said with a smile
You smiled too, feeling a little embarrassed that he knew the crew liked you. But it was nice to hear it all the same
"Is your question to do with them? Is someone causing you trouble?" He asked
"No, no. It's not that, Captain" You said
"Then what is it?" He asked, raising an eyebrow
"It's about you, sir" You replied, blushing a little
"Me, you say? ... And stop calling me "sir", I've told you. Just call me "Captain" or call me by my first name" He said
"Y-yes. Sorry, Captain" You said, fidgeting
He let out a small chuckle
"You still remain polite as always. That's what makes you cute" He said, smiling
Your cheeks went a bright shade of red and you gave a quiet thank you
"So, what does this have to do with me, hmm?" He asked
You took a deep breath
"Captain ... I've fallen in love with you" You said, your hands shaking
Silence fell and lasted for what felt like hours. You almost jumped out of your skin when he got off of his bed and looked at you
"You ... have developed feelings for me?" He asked, walking towards you
"Y-yes. I know it's not appropriate, but-"
Captain Kirkland stopped in front of you, took hold of your chin and tilted your head upwards. His lips touched yours in a gentle kiss and your cheeks went dark red. After a few seconds, you clung to his shirt and returned the kiss. You couldn't believe it was really happening ... two years ago, you were a lonely Princess in a castle and you would have been married to a Prince you didn't love. And yet, there you were kissing a handsome British Pirate. After a while, he broke the kiss and you gazed deep into his emerald eyes
"You have no idea how long I wanted to do that" He said, stroking your cheek
You gave a shy smile as he held you in his arms and stroked your hair
"You know, we should party when we make port" He said with a smile
"I would like that very much" You said, blushing a little

And so, a beautiful relationship formed between you and your beloved Captain. Eventually, stories about you and the Captain reaching your kingdom's ears. The people cheered you on, but your parents were furious. They tried to get the people to conduct an all out search to find you, but no one supported them. The people blamed your parents for pushing you away, leading you to a life of Piracy. And, unfortunately for your parents, no one would ever find you and your beloved Captain ... because after the both of you decided to settle down, you moved to a remote island where you could raise a family in peace ...

The End
A request for :iconfanficsaremylife:

This is a One-Shot

I know it's unbelievably cliche, but this is what was requested

England (Arthur Kirkland) (c) Hetalia
Story (c) Me, SwiftNinja91 and ~fanficsaremylife
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