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July 21, 2012
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You and Japan were walking through the park on a nice, somewhat warm spring morning. The flowers were just starting to come back from their slumber during the winter, and there was a lovely scent filling the air
"Such a lovely day today" He said, smiling
"It is … it really, really is" You said, sighing
"Is something wrong?" He asked
You shook your head and looked at him with a smile
"No … I'm just happy you could spend time with me, today" You said
His ears turned pink and he looked down
"U-uh … hai, me too" He mumbled, fidgeting
You couldn't help but like him. He was so cute sometimes
"Japan … how long will it be before I can see you again?" You asked
The fact that you couldn't him very much broke your heart … it could be months before you saw him again, but when you did, you cherished every second he was with you. He wasn't like other boys you had dated in the past. He was kind, considerate, smart, cultured and handsome to boot. There was no doubt in your mind that he was the best boyfriend you had ever had, even though you didn't see him much because of World Meetings and his people needed him for various reasons
"I don't know … but I will call and write to you, I promise" He said
"I'll miss you, Japan … it won't be the same without you" You said, sighing sadly
He touched your hand, which made you jump. He rarely touched you, and each time was just as surprising as the last. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and gasped
"Wh-what is it, Japan?" You asked, concerned
He smiled and looked at you
"[Name]-chan … look! Sakura! He said
You followed his gaze and saw that in the middle of the park was a tree, covered in small pink blossoms, some of which were still blooming. It was a lovely, welcoming sight indeed
"Oh, Japan … they're beautiful!" You said, blushing
You walked with him and you both sat at the base of the tree. You rested your head on his shoulder and sighed
"I'll miss doing this with you, Japan" You said
"Hai … I will miss this, too" He said, stroking your cheek
He gave you a small kiss on the forehead and your cheeks went dark pink
"[Name]-chan, Aishiteru. You are the most beautiful, and the most wonderful person I have ever met and I want to be by your side always" He said
Your heart began to race as you realised what he was about to do. He took hold of your hands and looked you in the eye
"[Name]-chan … will you marry me?" He asked
You suddenly became breathless. You couldn't believe that Kiku Honda, the human representation of Japan, was asking you, plain old [Name] [Last Name] to marry him
"Y-you mean it?" You breathed
"Hai, I mean it" He said, smiling
"Oh, Japan! Yes, of course I'll marry you!" You cried happily, hugging him tightly
"I h-haven't found the right ring yet, though" He said
"It's ok, Japan. We can look together, ok?" You said with a smile
He nodded and smiled at you
"You're going to be my wife, [Name]-chan … there's no need to call me by my country name anymore" He said, stroking your hands affectionately
You had longed for him to say that to you. You had been calling him by his country name since you first met him, five years ago. And now, he was giving you permission to call him by name. You genuinely felt excited and nervous to be saying his human name for the very first time … Kiku Honda
"O-ok … Kiku" You said
It felt good to say it … you had butterflies in your stomach and your fingers tingled. He smiled at you and stroked your cheek. He rested his forehead against yours and you giggled a little
"Does this mean I get to meet your family now?" You asked
He gave a little groan and you laughed
"Come on, they can't be that bad, surely" You said
"Yao goes crazy whenever he says something Hello Kitty related and he's a grown man!" Kiku said
You giggled at the thought of a grown man going mad over Hello Kitty things. It was a very amusing thought indeed
"He sounds funny" You said, smiling
"He's far too proud for my liking" Kiku said
"Maybe, but he's still your brother" You said, patting his shoulder
He looked at you with a smile
"I suppose so, [Name]-chan" He said, kissing your cheek
You giggled and you squeezed his hands a little. He looked at you with a smile
"I love you" You said
"I love you too …" He replied
You sighed
"What's wrong, [Name]-chan?" He asked
"I'm just worried. How are we going to organise a wedding? I mean … they could call you out unexpectedly and we'll have to cancel" You said, shedding a tear
"Then come with me" He said
"Wh-what? Go with you to Tokyo?" You breathed
"Hai" He said, smiling
"Oh, Kiku! I thought you'd never ask me!" You cried
You kissed him passionately, accidently knocking him onto the grass beneath you. This didn't bother either you, or Kiku. You were too lost in the happy moment … you were to be wed and you were going to go with him when he was called back to Japan with your husband to be. You broke the kiss and looked into Kiku's dark brown eyes with a smile
"I love you …" You said
"Aishiteru" He said, stroking your cheek

The End
A request from :iconselenic-soul-girl:

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You

This is a one-shot
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