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February 8, 2012
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Itachi looked in interest at the new recruit, (Name). She seemed distant ... and quiet. Then again, she was now branded as an S Rank criminal and Deidara was trying to get her to spill the beans on what she did, but no matter what he tried ... she remained silent. Itachi had to admit that he was curious, too ... but it wasn't in his nature to pry into people's business, especially during a training session
"Come on, (Name). You can tell us ... I mean, Itachi over there killed his whole clan in a single night! ... Apart from his brother Sasuke" Deidara said
Itachi flinched at the name. He really did care for his little brother ... and it hurt so much to be forced into making Sasuke hate him. But, if he hadn't done it, then Sasuke would have ...
"Deidara cut it out" Itachi said, slightly shaken
"You guys are no fun, you know that?" Deidara groaned
Itachi noticed that (Name) was looking at him. Clearly, he had piqued her interest ...
"Itachi is right though ... this is no time to be fooling around, Deidara" Sasori hissed
Deidara scowled. He was no doubt the most childish of the group ... apart from that Tobi guy who so desperately wanted to be a member. Itachi noticed (Name) sneaking out and he decided to follow her, just to find out where she was going. Obviously, he made the excuse that he was going for some fresh air before leaving so people would leave him alone. He followed (Name) until she sat in a clearing and began to cry, which shocked him. He had never seen any of the other members cry ... but, on the other hand, Itachi did, though he always made sure it was raining so it hid the fact he was crying. Everyone in their lives has cried at one point ... you'd have to be unnaturally tough to say you've never cried. He was snapped out of his thoughts when a familiar face forced (Name) to her feet. It was Orochimaru ... the creepy guy who had once been an Akatsuki member ... and had once tried to take Itachi's body
"It's good to see you again, my dear" Orochimaru hissed, grinning sadistically
"Let go, you creep" She shouted, pulling her hand free of his grip
"So ... little (Name) is a member of the Akatsuki, hmm? How ... interesting ..." He said
Itachi got chills up his spine as he watched from behind a tree ... it was good his Sharingan could see what was going on. Nothing escaped his eyes ...
"Get away from me. You betrayed me ..." (Name) said, rubbing her neck
"Someone's sensitive ... but who was it that broke into the Hokage's quarters to steal an artefact for me, hmm?" Orochimaru said, grinning
She looked crushed and guilt-ridden. Itachi could no longer watch. He had to do something. He stepped out into the open and the duo stared at him
"Ah, Itachi ... I had my suspicions ..." Orochimaru said
"Back off, this is Akatsuki territory ... and if memory serves me correctly, you are no longer a member. I strongly suggest you get out of here before I do something I'll regret" Itachi growled
"As you wish ... I have bigger fish to fry anyway ..." Orochimaru said, vanishing
(Name) sighed as Itachi approached her
"You saw that, huh?" She said, sounding hurt
He moved the collar of the coat and saw a strange mark on her neck. She sighed
"Yeah ... that's where he bit me ..." She mumbled
He remained silent. He knew that this was the best way to let her know he wasn't forcing her to speak
"Orochimaru was my teacher ... and he broke my trust" She said, shedding a tear
Itachi patted her shoulder
"You can talk to me about it if you like ..." He said in a soft tone
She smiled and blushed a little
"You're sweet" She said
"Don't let Deidara or Kisame hear you say that ... they'd  have a field day. That and it would ruin my ability to frighten some of the others by looking at them" He said
She smiled
"I promise ... I'll tell them how much of a scary meanie you are" She giggled
He gave a small smile
"Go on, go get to training before Pain gets mad" He said
She nodded and walked off as Itachi watched her leave
I like her, she seems nice. She's not as cold and standoffish as she lead us to believe. Just like me ... He thought, smiling
He went back to the group with his infamous blank look ... which (Name) appeared to be mimicking ... and that made it very hard not to laugh. He could tell that this one was not only a keeper, but maybe ... in time, (Name) would become very close to his heart. In fact, she already had

The End
A request from :iconmonkchoo24:

Another Itachi x Reader ... only in this one, you're part of the Akatsuki along with Itachi ... and it seems Orochimaru has turned up to join the party ...
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