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March 24, 2012
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"You lose! You lose!" [Name] said, jumping up and down as I came into the laundry room
"I wouldn't have if I wasn't talking with your F-father" I said
I don't know why, but I could never say that word without stuttering when I was referring to Russia
"Mr Laurinaitis, are you ok?" She asked
"I'm alright, but please, call me Toris" I replied
"Yay!" She said so loudly that it hurt my ears
"Come on, let's do the laundry" I said
"Da!" She giggled
[Name] and I began to do the laundry ... I had never seen such enthusiasm. She was really happy to be helping me, it seemed. But then I thought that she was doing this because she was helping Russia. Just as we finished, Eduard came into the room. Of course, I wasn't allowed to call him by his human name ... Russia forbade me to do so. I had to obey
"[Name], Mr Russia is ready. It's time for us to go" Eduard said
"Aww ... couldn't I stay and do laundry for a little longer?" She wailed
I couldn't help but smile. I found it kind of sweet that she wanted to spend time with me
"Come on, Mr Russia won't be very happy if you woke him for no reason" He said, sounding anxious
I understood fully. The last thing Eduard needed, was a beating ... after all, he hadn't been feeling well
"Ok ... I'll see you later, Toris!" She said, smiling at me
I heard Eduard gasp and I had to do something quickly to stop her calling me that in front of Russia. I knelt down and smiled at her as I came down to her level
"You can't call me that in front of Mr Russia, ok?" I said
"Aww ... why not?" She asked
"It will make him very unhappy. So only call me by that name when he's not here. It'll be our little secret" I said, winking
Her face lit up
"But you can't tell him or I will get into a lot of trouble, ok?" I said, smiling
"Ok, but I want you to do something for me in return!" She said
"What's that?" I asked, confused
Eduard looked confused, too
"We need to hurry, [Name]" He said
"I know, but me and Toris are making a deal!" She said, pouting
He smiled and [Name] looked at me
"You have to promise to become one with me when I grow up!" She said, smiling
I went bright red, as did Eduard ... who looked like he was going to laugh. She held out her hand, little finger out
"Pinky Swear!" She said
I smiled at her. Obviously, I didn't take this seriously at the time because she had no idea what "Becoming One" with someone was, but of course ... I had no idea that she was going to hold me to that promise ...
"Alright, Pinky Swear" I said, holding my little finger up
She cheered as our fingers locked
"No telling?" She said
"No telling" I said, smiling


[Name] came running into the house in tears. She had grown into a beautiful young lady ...
"I hate my life!" She wailed, rushing into Russia's arms
He hugged her tightly and I watched as I poured the tea. Bad idea
"What's wrong, [Name]?" Russia asked
"Oh, Papa ... no one will go to the school dance with me" She wailed
I was shocked by this. She was the kindest, most beautiful girl I had ever known ...
"That's outrageous! Didn't you say you had a date?" He asked, sounding angry
"D-da, but he found someone else ..." She squeaked
"Do you need me to ... persuade him?" He asked
I had to put a stop to that before someone got hurt. To this day, I still don't know why I did it
"Hey, how about one of us takes her?" I said
They both stared at me and my blood ran cold as Russia looked at me with those harsh, judging eyes. [Name]'s face had gone bright pink and was smiling at me
"Da ... sounds like a good idea ..." Russia said, giving me a suspicious look
I breathed a sigh of relief as the tension died down. I went back to pouring the tea as listened intently on the conversation
"O-one of the Baltics?" [Name] said, surprised
"Da ... I will let you chose which one" Russia said
"I want Lithuania" She said, without hesitation
Out of pure surprise, I accidently poured the scorching hot tea on my hand. I put the kettle down and went to wash my hand under cold water. I looked at them and they were staring at me
"H-how could you do that without making a single sound?" She asked, raising her eyebrows
"P-practice" I said, noting Russia's glare
She smiled and hurried out of the room, giggling. Russia walked over to me and grabbed me by the collar of my jacket, lifting me off the floor so my face was level with his. My feet dangled helplessly in the air, desperately searching in vain for the floor
"S-sir! I can't b-breathe!" I wheezed
"You listen ... and you listen good. If I hear a whisper that she was made unhappy ... I will be VERY angry. Are we clear?" He asked
"Y-yes sir, of course!" I said, nervous
He put me down and struck me hard, making me land on the floor as a result
"And that's for spilling the tea" He said, leaving the room
I rubbed my bruised cheek ... I knew [Name] meant a lot to him ... after all, this was the school's leaving party. She was growing up so fast ... and I was a fool. That was because ... I was falling in love with her

To be Continued
Note : I am still not completely familiar with the Human Names. So I may have got a few wrong

Story (c) me, Swifninja91
Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
You (c) You ... for now ... :evillaugh:


The little girl grows up ... and apparently she wants Lithuania ;)

Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - :earth:
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
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