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January 28, 2012
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Itachi left the Akatsuki meeting place, checking to see if anyone was following him. He had been seeing a girl called (Name) for some time and he wanted to keep her a secret ... especially from Kisame. The last thing he wanted was for (Name) to get hurt. He made his way into the Konoha forest, where he had agreed to meet her. He kept checking his surroundings and listened carefully for anyone who could be following him. He heard a twig snap and he froze. Suddenly someone held a Kunai knife to his throat
"The infamous Itachi Uchiha caught off guard? You've lost your edge"
He smiled and looked over his shoulder. It was (Name) and she was smiling
"Hello, (Name)" He said
She put the Kunai back in a pouch she had on her belt and sighed as he turned to face her
"Were you followed?" He asked
"No, I'm sure of it" She replied
"Good ... this Sharingan is a huge drain on my chakra" He said
His eyes turned back to their original dark colour and he sighed
"Are you sure you should do that? I mean ... those eyes can see pretty much anything, right?" She asked
"Not quite ... and I'm ... going blind" He said
"What?!" She asked, sounding distressed
He sighed
I shouldn't have said that ... now she'll worry He thought, annoyed with himself
"That's the price I have to pay to use the Mangekyo Sharingan ..." He said
"Then, please! Don't use it! I couldn't bear it if you went blind!" She wailed
"(Name) ... don't worry ... I don't intend to use it ... until I face my brother in battle" He said
"Sasuke? ... But he'll kill you!" She wailed
"I know ..." He mumbled, turning away
He sighed
"You're taking a huge risk too, (Name). If the Hokage found out about this ... you could get into a lot of trouble" He said
"I-I know ... but ... I love you, Itachi. I always have" She said
He sat underneath a tree and looked up at the sky
"I know ... you told me the day I met you ..." He said
She giggled
"Well, you took me by surprise. I never expected someone as sexy as you to kidnap me" She said, sitting next to him
"I told you not to call me that ... I hate it" He growled
"I can't lie to you, Itachi ... and sorry ... sometimes I get a little bit carried away" She said, laughing
"I know ... you kissed me when I tried to interrogate you ..." He said
She giggled shyly
"Oh yes ... now I remember" She said
"It was really annoying ... you kept doing it" He grumbled
"It was romantic ... a former ANBU black ops member ... interrogating little ol' me!" You giggled
"Cut that out" He growled
"Oh, don't be such a stiff Itachi" She said, tidying his hair
"Sorry ... the meeting today was a little tough today" He said, putting an arm around her
She smiled and she buried her head in his chest as he lifted her onto his lap. She giggled and closed her eyes
I wish we could spend more days like this ... but the Akatsuki are going to send me away soon ... I could never see her again. Either I go blind ... or I die by Sasuke's hand ... the future doesn't look good for us He thought, sighing
Her eyes snapped open and she looked up at him
"Itachi? Is ... is something wrong?" She asked
"(Name) ... the Akatsuki are sending me away soon. I ... I don't think I'll ever see you again" He said, sighing
She made a small squeak
"Y-you can't" She wailed, clinging onto his jacket "Itachi, I love you!"
"I know ... I love you too, (Name)" He said, holding her close in a hug
He kissed her forehead
"Itachi ... I'm pregnant" She mumbled
He froze
"R-really?" He asked, breathless
"Yes ..." She whispered
"Th-that's wonderful!" He said, hugging her tightly
"I want you to be there ... when our child is born ..." She said, shedding a tear
"I don't know if I can, but ... I'll try" He said


The next day, Itachi returned to the meeting place. Deidara started shouting at him for being late. He just ignored it ... all he could think about was (Name) and her beautiful eyes ...
"Hey, wakey-wakey!" Deidara called
Itachi glared at him and Deidara cowered behind Sasori. Itachi rolled his eyes
I'm surrounded by morons and sadists ... He thought, sighing
"Someone's testy" Kisame jeered
"I'll say! Deidara said
"Piss off ... the lot of you ..." Itachi grumbled
"Be quiet, I have a headache ..." Pain shouted
All of the members went quiet and he sighed
"Thank you ... now, let's re-work the plan" Pain said
He spent the whole time, he only half-listened to what they had to say ... his thoughts were filled with what happened when he was with (Name) ... he was going to be a father ... he sighed as he recalled when he secretly married her. It was so hard to find someone who would marry them without calling the authorities ... (Name) Uchiha ... it suited her well ... Itachi was snapped out of his thoughts by Kisame's obnoxious comments. Several days later, Itachi was sent away ... he never saw (Name) again ... and missed the birth of his first and only son

The End
A request from :iconmonkchoo24:

Itachi is such a misunderstood character ... I almost cried when (Due To Spoilers, I won't complete this sentence, but I will say this - It was sad)

"Bright eyes,
Burning like fire.
Bright eyes,
How can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes
- Bright Eyes by Simon and Garfunkel
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nightmare-624 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; it's so sad.....
Asepsy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Saaaaad... (T 3 T) But you did an amazing job!
SwiftNinja91 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you
Asepsy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! (^__^)
TRyouko Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Awww.. Awww.. Awww.. I can't take it! And LOL Pein don't you dare! You just total face planted before! XD And have done such funny super epic fails..! XD
xxTokyoTeddyxx Featured By Owner May 23, 2014   Traditional Artist
D": This made me so sad! I like itachi with all my heart. Why did you have to die!!?

You did a wonderful job. : )
So sad! Waaaah! 
Medu-Chan-666 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student Writer
God damn it freking sasuke why did you have to kill itachi......but itachi told him later why he had to kil....but i will never forgive sasuke...never... damnit the tears and feels :'(
watermuffintop Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sasuke dint kill itachi. ItachI was going to die from sickness. He even said he only stayed alive with  medicine so he dies in front of sasuke.  Sasuke was too weak to kill Itachi.  Even tobi yold him that if Itachi was being serious sasuke was going to be killed. Itachi only died of sickness (haha your still not awesome enough sasuke xD)
Medu-Chan-666 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student Writer
I know that but sasuke helped the sickness by injurying him.
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