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January 6, 2013
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Japan awoke with a nasty headache and no memory of the night before. It looked like a tornado had hit the place. His precious manga books were all over the floor ... luckily his "secret stash" was untouched because he could see that the padlock was still there on the cupboard he kept it in
"N-Nani? What happened last night?" He muttered to himself
He soon realised that he was only wearing his underwear and the door was wide open. He let out a small shriek and proceeded to use his bed sheets to cover himself. He went bright red as he looked around the room to find his clothes, which were scattered around the room
"How did this happen?" He muttered to himself
Then, one logical explanation came to mind - the New Year's Eve Party. The night before America had decided that the party was being held at Japan's house, despite the protests from said owner of the house. Japan checked his calendar and confirmed that it had been the New Year's Eve Party ... because that was the only party wilder than the infamous Christmas Party
"Did I ... get drunk last night?" Japan muttered to himself
He noticed a bottle of Sake by his futon, which had spilt all over the floor  and would no doubt leave a smell and possibly a stain
"Looks like I did" Japan sighed, picking up the bottle
He knew that this mess was going to take hours to clean up ... along with the rest of the house, which he knew would be a mess as well. He sighed and looked beside him to where his trusty camera was sitting. On it was a little note, which confused him greatly. He picked it up and saw that it read
"Thank you for a night I'll never forget. I'll be in the kitchen making breakfast if you need me
I love you,

Japan's heart almost stopped. He almost didn't want to look at the possibly incriminating photographs on the camera. Especially if he found pictures of himself embarrassing his long time crush [Name]. He took a deep breath and began to look through the pictures. The first was the Bad Touch Trio having a good time, which was no surprise there. The next picture was of England being held down while America force fed him rum from a bottle using a funnel ... this was to be expected because everyone thought that England was a lot more fun when he was drunk, but from what Japan had seen, England could be a very mean drunk at times
"England-san ... I wonder what happened to him?" Japan muttered to himself
Japan looked at the next photo, which was of himself and [Name] making out. His cheeks went a dark shade of red as he quickly flicked to the next photo. He couldn't believe he had behaved so inappropriately at the party. He didn't understand or remember how the alcohol got in his system. He let out a deep sigh and got up, his legs almost caving under his own weight
"I'll ask [Name]-chan ..." He said, blushing a little

After getting dressed, Japan wondered into the kitchen to find [Name] wearing one of Japan's shirts and her underwear
"[Name]-chan, I want to ask you something" Japan asked, blushing
"Sure, ask away" [Name] said with a smile
"Firstly ... whose legs are sticking out of the washing machine?" Japan asked
"Oh, that's England. He got hammered after America force-fed him that whiskey with a funnel" She replied
"That explains the photo ..." Japan sighed
[Name] laughed, making Japan blush
"I c-can't remember what happened last night between us" He said, his face as red as it could possibly go
"Last night? ... Oh, the big party" [Name] said, laughing
She sounded like it was no big deal, which ticked Japan off. It was going to take a long time to tidy up, so he had every right to be a little annoyed
"Yeah, things did get a little out of hand. America dared you to drink Sake and if you didn't, he said he was going to take all your Manga" [Name] said
That explained how and why Japan got drunk in the first place at least ... but there was one other question that still plagued his mind
"Why is there a picture of us ... um ... doing something inappropriate?" He asked
"Oh, you mean the one of us kissing? Yeah, I saw that. I thought it was cute" [Name] said with a smile
"What happened after that?" Japan asked, concerned
"We kissed for a while ... th-then you took me to your room" She replied
"I ... I did?" Japan asked, blushing a darker red than ever before
"Yes. I tried to stop you from embarrassing yourself, but you said you wanted to be naked so you could live in the wild. Thankfully you fell over and passed out" [Name] said
It was as Japan feared. He had acted like an imbecile in front of someone he had a crush on
"I'm sorry, [Name]-chan. I behaved inappropriately in front of you" He said, giving a low bow
"It's ok, Japan. You weren't yourself ... I forgive you" [Name] said with a smile
"I have one more question ... why are you wearing my shirt?" He asked
[Name] blushed and fidgeted a little
"Prussia put beer in my hair, so I borrowed your shower ... and someone stole my clothes" She said, blushing
Japan sighed
"Alright ... let's set things right" He said
"I couldn't agree more" [Name] said, smiling

They left the kitchen to find the badly hung over guests starting to make their way home. Scotland and Russia were the only ones still sober ... no surprises there
"Scotland, can you get England out of the washing machine and take him home?" [Name] asked
"Alrigh' ..." Scotland sighed as he made his way into the kitchen
Japan and [Name] began to tidy up, just as Russia left with China hoisted over his shoulder, shouting at the Russian to put him down. As more and more guests began to leave, Japan noticed [Name] looking at him more often. At first he thought it was his imagination, but he caught her staring five times when they were tidying the living room and ten times when they were cleaning the kitchen. Japan found it most irregular. After all, [Name] had never shown that much interest in him before ...
"Come on, let's sort out your room!" She said, smiling
"Hai ..." Japan said, blushing a little as he followed her to his room
He felt a little nervous because he had no idea how this was going to happen once they got in there
"Wow, looks like a tornado hit this place" [Name] joked
"Hai, I thought the same thing" Japan said with a small smile
He began to clean the bed and saw his camera. He picked it up and began to flick through the photos again. Then, he saw a photo he didn't expect to see ... it was of him, sleeping peacefully in bed
"[Name]-chan, did you take this one?" Japan asked, blushing a little
[Name] hurried over and looked at the photo, her cheeks going pink
"Y-yes, I did. You looked so cute lying there. I couldn't help it" She said, fiddling with her hair
"You think I'm cute?" Japan asked
[Name] went dark red and nodded. Japan fidgeted a bit and muttered a small thank you as [Name] continued to clean and Japan stared at the photo
"[Name]-chan ... how do you feel about me?" He asked, blushing
"Wh-why would you want to know that?"
"I ... am just curious"
She gave a sigh and they looked at each other
"I've ... liked you for a really long time. But I was scared to say anything because I thought you would reject me" [Name] said, looking a little embarrassed
"Nani? Really?" Japan asked, surprised
[Name] looked at him, slightly confused until he explained that he, too had feared rejection. The couple laughed at their naivety and set a day for their first date. And this time, he would remember it

The End
Japan wakes up after the New Year's Eve Party with no memory of the night before and incriminating pictures on his camera

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
Story (c) Me, SwiftNinja91
You belong to :iconyayjapanplz:
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