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January 30, 2012
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Ludwig had invited you over to his house for dinner and you were excited. You wore the best outfit you had to hand and headed over in a heartbeat. You knocked on the door, full of excitement ... you still couldn't believe that someone you had a crush on for as long as you could remember was actually going to have dinner with you. The door opened and Feliciano was standing there
"Ciao, Bella! Germany's in his office at the moment. Come in!" He said, smiling
He led you into the living room and you took a seat. In the corner of your eye you could see Kiku cleaning the floor and Romano was taking a nap in the armchair opposite you, snoring quite loudly. You noticed Feliciano had disappeared somewhere ... you were guessing that he had gone to bother Ludwig for a while ...
3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
You laughed at the fact that you could pinpoint his outbursts at Feliciano perfectly. You sighed as Feliciano came running into the room with a big grin moments later
"Time to make Pasta!" He cheered
"Need a hand?" You asked
"Don't be silly! I'm an expert!" He replied, running into the kitchen
You watched him as he accidently knocked Kiku over
"Are you alright, Kiku?" You asked
He looked at you with an annoyed expression, which quickly turned blank again
"Hai, no problem" He said, standing up and dusting himself off
"Are you sure? That's one big bruise you have there on your forehead" You chuckled
He scowled at you and continued with his work


It became late and Ludwig finally emerged from his office. He looked very uncomfortable and shy. You got up and smiled
"Hello, Ludwig" You said cheerfully
He just grunted, which made you smile more. He walked out of the room and you followed him. He led you to the dining room and you both took a seat opposite sides of the table, looking at each other. You noticed that the two of you were alone ... and there were only two plates of food
"What's going on?" You asked
He began to blush
"J-Japan ate earlier with Italy and the others ... I ... I wanted it to be just you and me ... I cooked dinner myself" He said, sounding anxious
You smiled
He'd go through all that trouble ... for me? You thought, blushing
"I ... I asked Italy to teach me to make it" He said, looking really embarrassed
You smiled
"That's so sweet" You said, smiling
Suddenly, you heard a small ukulele playing and Gilbert came in holding said ukulele with an evil grin on his face. Romano was behind him, grinning as well. Gilbert approached Ludwig, who looked annoyed as Gilbert began to sing
"Oh this is the night ... its a beautiful night and we call it Bella Notte" Gilbert nudged Ludwig "Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes ... on this lovely Bella Notte" Gilbert sang, nudging Ludwig again
You desperately tried not to laugh and Ludwig looked deathly embarrassed as he his his face in his hands
"Side by side with your loved one, you'll find enchantment here. The night will weave its magic spell ... when the one you love is near" Gilbert sang, batting his eyes at you
You were beginning to struggle holding in your laughter
"Oh, this is the night ...and the heavens are right ... on this lovely Bella Notte" Gilbert and Romano sang together
"S-stop it ..." Ludwig muttered
The duo ran off, laughing. You became concerned
"What's the matter?" You asked
"They ruined it ... I ... I wanted it to be perfect ..." Ludwig mumbled
You smiled
"Oh, they're just fooling around. They mean no harm" You said
"But ... tonight was the night that I ... told you that ..." he muttered something under his breath at the end of his sentence
"Huh? I didn't catch that mein Luddie!" You teased
He put his hands down and you noticed his entire face was dark red
"(Name) ... i-ich liebe dich" He said, looking ashamed
You found that your entire face was heating up
"R-really?" You asked
He nodded, scratching his head. You leant over and messed up his hair. He glared at you
"I prefer your bed hair look" You said, sitting down again
He smiled shyly
"Really?" He asked
"Yeah. Now, let's eat before your dinner gets cold" You chuckled
"J-ja" He mumbled
"We don't want your hard work to go to waste" You giggled
He smiled at you ... and you decided that this was the funniest and the best memory you had in years ...

The End
I thought I'd do one to make people laugh! (after making such a dark one ...). And to help get my brain in gear. I just got this hilarious picture in my head from listening to this song here -> [link] and this fic was born ...

Image found on Google

Song Used - Bella Notte from Disney's The Lady and The Tramp

Note: This is a one off!


Schöne Nacht - Beautiful Night [German] (just so you know what the title means)

Bella Notte - Beautiful Night [Italian]

Ich liebe dich - I love you [German]
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Sesshomarul182 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Prussia mit einer ukulele + einen singenden romano ich konnte nicht mehr aufhören zu lachen (ich lach immer noch XD )
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Prussia + Ukulele + Romano + Singing = Awesomeness 2.0
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I got to Prussia with the ukulele and I lost it XD Awesome story *thumbs up*  
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It should have said "Hard work". I'll just fix that
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