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June 18, 2012
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"Daddy! Daddy! Wake up, Wake up!"
Arthur groaned and you giggled
"Your daughter is awake" You said, hugging him close
"Yes, I had noticed" He said
The two of you stayed lying there in bed with your eyes shut; hoping Alice would give up and go back to bed. Your daughter was cute, but she had annoying little habits. Like waking you up in the middle of the night to go to school, yet throws a fit when it is time to go in the morning. She had [Hair colour] hair, just like yours and her father's dazzling green eyes. You thought she looked like the pictures that he had shown you of his mother, who died when he was very young … but he kept insisting that she was looking more like you by the day
"Wake up! Wake up!"
Arthur sighed, indicating he had decided to give up. He sat up and you opened your eyes, watching him rub his eyes and stretch as your daughter jumped up and down on the bed
"Alright, Alice … what is it?" He asked
"It's father's day! I have to give you a present!" She replied
"Aww! How thoughtful!" You said
"Daddy, I got you something special!" Alice said
"Is that so?" He asked, smiling
"Yes!" Alice said, excited
"You shouldn't have, really. Because I have everything I need right here … a beautiful wife … and a lovely daughter" Arthur said
You smiled and blushed
"But Daddy, I got you the best present ever!" Alice said
"Oh, is that so?" Arthur asked
"Yes! You have to see! You have to see!" She said, obviously excited
He chuckled
"Alright. I'll take a look, then we'll visit Grandpa" He said
"Yay! Grandpa!" She cheered
She ran out of the room and Arthur gave a deep sigh
"Wow, I've never heard you sigh like that. Are you ok?" You asked, concerned
"Yes, I am fine" He said, smiling
You put a hand on his shoulder
"It's ok … he'll appreciate you made the effort. And you can say hello to your mother, too" You said with a smile
"Yes, that would be wonderful" He said
He placed a kiss upon your cheek and got out of bed. You giggled as his green pyjamas came into view and he stuck his tongue at you. For someone so mature, he could be very childish at times
"My brother's will be coming too, I hope you don't mind" He said
"Of course not" You said, smiling
"Allistor will be bringing his bagpipes" He said
"Oh god …"
He chuckled and began to get dressed for the day ahead. You laid down and stared at the ceiling, sighing
"Aren't you going to get dressed, darling?" He asked
You sat up and looked at him, he had already got his trousers on … but his chest was still bare, which drove you wild. He looked gorgeous at the best of times, but now he was just taking the piss
"Something wrong, dear?" He asked, with a smirk
That was confirmation that he was doing it on purpose. You got up and got dressed with a pout on your face. You heard your husband chuckle and a pink shade appeared on your cheeks. Once dressed, you headed towards the door. But you were suddenly grabbed from behind on the chest area
"Oh dear, I tripped" Arthur chuckled, resting his head on your shoulder
You gave a little surprised squeal
"No! Not now!" You said, trying not to laugh
"Oh, can't you let an old man have his fun?" He chuckled
You laughed and he nuzzled your neck
"Am I still loved?" He asked
You looked at him with a smile and you kissed him
"If you're good" You said
"Hey, that's not fair" He said, pouting
You laughed and Alice came into the room, hands on her hips
"Come on, slow pokes!" She said

-1 Hour Later-

Arthur led you and Alice to a grave site, where Allistor, Dylan, Seamus and Rory were waiting. Allistor, had indeed, brought his bagpipes, which made you laugh. Seamus had brought a pan flute and Rory had brought a harp
"Ye made it" Allistor said
"Yes. Sorry about that. I had trouble getting Alice's seatbelt on" Arthur said
"And off" You said
"And off" He repeated
"Uncle Allistor!" Alice cheered
"Hey, wee Lass!" Allistor chuckled
"I'm six and a half!" She said, pouting
"See? Big girl, now" Arthur said, smiling
"Hello, Grandpa and Grandma!" Alice said, waving at the grave
You smiled, but you saw the boys gain pained looks, all at the same time. Alice didn't understand … and probably wouldn't until she was older. She placed a white and red rose on the grave, then hurried over to you and held your hand
"You ready?" Dylan asked
"I was born ready!" Arthur said
Seamus began to play his pan flute and Rory began to play the harp, closely followed by Allistor playing the bagpipes
"Oh Danny boy … the pipes, the pipes are calling. From glen to glen, and down the mountain side" Dylan sang
"The summer's gone, and all the roses falling. It's you, it's you … must go and I must bide" Rory sang
"But come ye back, when summer's in the meadow. Or when the valley's hushed, and white with snow" Arthur sang
"It's I'll be here, in sunshine or in shadow. Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy … I love you so" Alice sang
You smiled her singing was so adorable and the Kirkland brother's looked touched by her contribution. The brothers hung their heads and they all had a moment's silence before saying their farewells and departing
"Race you to the car!" Alice said
"You're on!" Arthur said, drying his eyes
He ran after Alice, laughing and you watched them, smiling
"But if ye come … and all the flowers are dying. And I am dead, as dead I well may be. You'll come and find the place where I am lying. And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me"
You were surprised by the sudden angelic voice on the breeze. You turned around and saw a woman, looking at the flowers on the grave with a smile … and a man was standing beside her, his arms covered in blue markings, like Allistor's tattoos. The woman looked at you and waved, then kissed the man on the cheek. Then, you recognised them … it was Arthur's mother and father!
"[Name], come on!"
You looked at Arthur who was beckoning you over
"B-but can't you see them?" You asked
You looked back at the grave and they were gone. You shook your head
"M-must have been imagining things" You said, walking away
It broke your heart that Arthur and his brothers couldn't celebrate Father's day properly, but you knew that somewhere, their parents were looking at them with warm smiles

It was Father's Day on the Sunday (17/06/2012) in England and I couldn't get around to doing something for it so ... I hope this makes up for it

I love you, Dad!

Song Used - Danny Boy
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