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February 19, 2012
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You heard a knock at your door and you blushed. You answered the door with a smile. Death the Kid was standing there, smiling sweetly. He suddenly frowned and tidied your fringe. You giggled as he folded his arms and inspected you carefully. You just let him do it ... you didn't want to ruin the one day you had Kid all to yourself. But when he poked your breasts you decided enough was enough
"A-are you ready to go? Because I am" You said, smiling
He nodded and gave a smile, indicating that he was done with his somewhat creepy inspection. You had made sure that your outfit was symmetrical, just so he wouldn't freak out during your date ... he asked you out a little while ago, but the two of you could never find a day that suited both of you, until this day ... you couldn't believe it was actually happening! You had been in love with him for a long time ... and you very rarely got this close to him without Black Star prying you two apart again or completely ruining the moment. You had almost kissed Kid several times, but each time, Black Star came and stopped you ... it was like he was on a mission to stop you and Kid being together. You were just praying that Black Star would stay away today ... this day was important to you
"So ... where should we go?" You asked
"I booked us a table at a restaurant not far from here ..." He said, leading you away
You happily walked with him and you blushed. He had actually planned something romantic ... this certainly wasn't what you were expecting. Suddenly, he began to hum "Greensleeves" and you felt a blush rise to your cheeks. He seemed to notice this and looked at you, full of concern
"Is ... something wrong?" He asked
"N-no, I'm fine" You breathed, a little embarrassed
He eyed you suspiciously with those golden yellow eyes of his and smiled
"Alright ... if you ever feel uncomfortable with anything, just let me know" He said

-Several Hours Later-

You were heading home, hand in hand with Kid. You had just had the most romantic dinner with him at the most expensive restaurant in Death City
"Oh, Kid ... tonight was wonderful" You said as you stood on your porch
"Maybe ... we can get together again sometime" He said, smiling
"I'd like that" You said, fidgeting
He held you close ... and kissed you, sending a shiver up your spine
"I love you" He said, blushing
You stared at him, scarcely believing he was saying it. You smiled and hugged him tightly, kissing him. He let out a muffled yelp and after a while, kissed back. It was absolute bliss ... your first kiss ... was with Lord Death's son ... and for once, Black Star or Soul weren't there to ruin it. You could enjoy your first kiss in peace ... you broke away, both of you going dark red
"I love you, too ..." You said as he played with your hair
He smiled and freed you from his hug and you did the same
"So ... I'll see you around?" He said
"Yeah ..." You breathed
"Just one last thing ... could you go to your bedroom window, you know the one with the balcony? I want to do one last thing for you" He said
You giggled and obeyed. You stood on the balcony, smiling
"Ok, what now?" You asked
He began to sing, which shocked you. You blushed and began to giggle. You never expected someone like him to serenade you ...
"Alas my love you do me wrong ... To cast me off discourteously; And I have loved you oh so long. Delighting in your company" He sang
You smiled
"Oh, Kid ..." You breathed, placing your hand over your racing heart
"Greensleeves was my delight, Greensleeves my heart of gold ... Greensleeves was my heart of joy ... And who but my Lady Greensleeves" He sang
Suddenly, Black Star jumped out of the bushes
"YAHOO!" He cried
"You idiot! That was supposed to be flawless!" Kid shouted
"Whatever, it was way too mushy for my tastes" Black Star said smugly
"You ruined it, you Bastard!" Kid said, with a look of death in his eye
"Uh-oh!" Black Star squeaked, running off
"GET BACK HERE!" Kid shouted, chasing after him
You giggled as you watched the one you loved go
"Oh, Kid ..." You mumbled, blushing

The End
A Commission for :iconemopunk68:

Kid goes on a date with you ... and a certain someone seems to be trying to ruin it

Song Used -

Greensleeves is an absolutely beautiful piece of music that I was listening to whilst writing this ... here' s a link to it (no lyrics, sorry!) -> [link]
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