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February 11, 2012
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Those big blue eyes ... they were calling to you from across the room. They belonged to Matthew Williams, the quiet and kind of cute boy who sat in the corner of the lunch hall, smiling sweetly and cuddling a toy polar bear. You were about to wonder over and say hello, but his obnoxious brother Alfred had beaten you to it. Matthew's cute smile disappeared as Alfred took a seat next to him and began to talk loudly. Matthew hid his face in his folded arms on the table and you smiled
I'd better rescue him You thought, smiling
You got up out of your seat and made your way over. Alfred looked at you and smiled
"Hey, Matt! Your girlfriend's here!" He joked
"I keep telling you, we're just friends ... and I'm happy about that" You said, shaking your head
Matthew lifted his head up and smiled at you. His face was a pale pink
"H-Hello" He said
"Hi Mattie!" You said, smiling
His face turned bright red and he hid his face again
"Don't hide from her! How are you going to be a hero if you hide all the time?" Alfred asked
"Oh, don't pressure him, Alfred. Sometimes hiding is a good thing, hence why Ninjas are so good at their jobs" You said, messing with Matthew's hair
It felt so soft ... he looked up at you with a little scowl and you laughed as he tidied it again
"You know, Valentines Day is just around the corner" Alfred said
At that point, Matthew looked like he was about to turn purple and he almost fell out of his chair
"Hey, are you ok?" You asked
"Y-yes" He squeaked
"You should see a doctor, dude. I've never seen anyone go that shade of red before" Alfred said
You smiled. You had never seen Matthew that shy before ... clearly something to do with you was bugging him
"(Name) ... I-I was wondering if ... maybeyouwantedtogooutwithme?" He said a little too quickly
"What was that?" You asked "Say it a little slower"
"I ... was wondering ... if you wanted to go out with me ... y'know ... f-for Valentines Day?" He said, shaking
You had to suppress the urge to tackle him to the floor and kiss him to death. You had liked him for a long time, but he had never shown any signs that he had feelings for you ... until that moment. Then again, it did explain a lot
"Y-yeah, I'd love to!" You said
You planted a little kiss on his cheek and he fainted, falling out of his chair in the process
"Oh dear ... you broke Matthew" Alfred said, laughing
"Don't be mean! For all you know, he could have low blood pressure!" You said, folding your arms
"Anyway, we should get him to the school nurse" Alfred said, getting up out of his seat
"Good idea ..." You said, watching him pick Matthew up


You watched Matthew wake up. You had stayed with him, unlike Alfred, who ran off to eat all of the burgers he possibly could before lunch ended. Matthew sat up and looked at you with a shy smile
"S-sorry ..." He mumbled
"Oh, Matthew ... people faint all the time. It's a perfectly natural response" You said
He looked away giving a shy chuckle. He took off his little goggles and gave them to you
"I want you to have them" He said, smiling shyly
"Wh-what? Are you sure?" You asked, shocked
"Yeah, I have a spare pair at home!" He replied
You put them on and he grinned
"They suit you!" He said
You smiled
"So ... will you ... be my Valentine?" He asked, blushing again
You stared at him. He was so adorable ...
"I-it's just that ... I r-really like you, (Name)" He said, fidgeting
You smiled and sat on the bed with him. He smiled shyly
"You're so cute" You said, messing up his hair
"Mon Dieu! Stop that!" He complained, going bright red
You stopped immediately
"Y-you speak French?" You asked, a little intrigued
"Y-yes" He mumbled as he tidied his hair again
You hugged him
"Well ... in answer to your question ..." You smiled "Oui ..."
He stared at you and swallowed hard. If this were a movie, he would have been all over you by now. But because it wasn't, and he was such a shy and modest boy, he just smiled
"G-great!" He breathed "But ... don't tell Alfred"
"Because he'll do nothing but embarrass me in an attempt to scare you off" He said, looking at the floor
"Oh, Mattie ... the only thing he'll scare me away from is himself" You said, laughing
He smiled shyly and looked at you. He beckoned you closer and you obeyed
"J-je t'aime ..." He breathed in your ear
It sent shivers up your spine
"R-really?" You asked, looking at him
"Oui ... I wouldn't lie to you" He said
Now it was your turn to blush. He got up off the bed and smiled at you
"How about I meet you outside the entrance to the school?" He asked
"O-ok" You said, getting up
He planted a small kiss on your forehead and left. You watched him go and a huge smile appeared on your face

Matthew Williams - My Valentine ... You thought happily

The End
Happy Valentines Day! ( I know I uploaded this like, three days early ... but I wanted to make sure I had done a Valentines one!)

I know the "school" setting is cliché, but meh ...

Canada is so adorable ... deny it, and get your vital regions invaded by France! :iconpervyfranceplz:

I found the picture on Google ... I am not that good at drawing (I wish I was :cries:)
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I dunno if dis ist spam or not but I think it's cute~
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Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
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Boy: No
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The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
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Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
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(Thank god for Google translate)
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