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December 28, 2011
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You had decided to visit Ludwig on a whim ... only to find he was conducting a training session
"Nein, that is unacceptable!" Ludwig shouted
"AH! Please don't hit me!" Veneziano screamed
"Italy, please pay attention" Kiku said, sighing
You couldn't help but chuckle. Those three got into all sorts of trouble when they got together ... but they were your friends nonetheless. You began to approach them but Veneziano spotted you and freaked out
"OH NO! Germany! Someone scary is over there!" He screamed, hiding behind Ludwig
"Relax, it's just me" You said, sighing
Ludwig rolled his eyes as Veneziano came out and started laughing
"I knew that ..." He said
Kiku looked at you and bowed his head slightly. You smiled
"You three training again, huh? Mind if I watch?" You asked
Ludwig looked flattered ... but at the same time confused
"Why would you want to watch me yell at Italy all day?" He asked
You couldn't admit to him that you liked him ... even though he was scary when he was angry, he was a lovely guy. He seemed uncomfortable and restless when you were around, though ... which was strange. Then again, he was still relatively new to the whole "friend" thing. He looked at you and sighed
"Oh come on! Can she stay, pretty please?" Veneziano asked
Ludwig sighed
"Ja ... I suppose so" He said, sounding slightly awkward


You sat on a hill where you had a good view of where they were jogging. Kiku looked tired ... and so did Veneziano but Ludwig seemed to have the energy of five men ... and didn't seem at all exhausted. Kiku was just barely managing to keep up with Ludwig, which you thought was kind of impressive but Veneziano seemed to lag behind by quite a large amount. You stood up and rushed down the hill. You began to jog beside Veneziano
"What's wrong, Italy?" You asked
He seemed too tired to answer. You sighed
"Why don't you sit with me for a while? You know, take a break!" You suggested
He smiled at you as you both stopped jogging
"That would be nice, but Germany would shout at me" He said
"Well ... why don't you ask him nicely? You never know, he might surprise you. Besides ... I think Japan has had enough today, don't you?" You said
He began to shake and you sighed
"Wait here, I'll ask him" You said, beginning to jog
It was a lot harder catching up to Ludwig than you thought ... you were going as fast as you could, but he was still a long way ahead
"Ludwig! Can I talk to you for a second?" You called
He seemed to come to a dead halt, which surprised both you and Kiku. You finally reached him, exhausted
"What is it?" He asked, concerned
"I was ... just thinking that you three should take a break. Veneziano is tired ... and Kiku looks like he's about to collapse" You said
He gave you a surprised look
"Ja, but ... they never told me about that" He said
"Well ... Veneziano is scared of you" You said, catching your breath
He looked crushed when you said it
"Ja ... we'll take the rest of the day off ..." He said
"Nani? Are you sure?!" Kiku asked, surprised
"Ja ..." He sighed


After a while, the four of you were inside Ludwig's house ... it had been an hour since you had spoken to Ludwig about giving Veneziano and Kiku a break. You were a little concerned because you hadn't seen him since the four of you had gone inside, which concerned you. So you went into the kitchen to see if he was there, only to find Veneziano cooking lunch
"Veneziano, have you seen Ludwig anywhere?" You asked
He smiled at you
"Sì, he is in his office with Japan" He replied, returning his attention to the task at hand
You thanked him quietly and made your way down the hall to Ludwig's office. You were about to knock on the door when you heard something
"You LIKE this girl?!"
"Shut up! ... if Italy finds out, I'll never hear the end of it"
"Germany ... I thought it was odd how you behave around her ... but you must tell her!"
"...Coming from someone who doesn't show his emotions to others ..."
You heard Kiku laugh
"You have a point, Germany. But still ... go to her. Tell her how you feel"
"Japan ... I will not-"
You knocked on the door. The last thing you wanted was Ludwig getting into an arguement with Kiku ...
"Who is it?"
"It's me, Ludwig" You said
"Scheiße ..."
"I'll leave it to you"


The door opened and Kiku looked at you with a smile
"Hey, Kiku!" You said, smiling
He bowed his head slightly and stood to one side, so you could enter. He left the room and looked at Ludwig, who looked very strange indeed. His hair was a mess and his face was bright red
"What's wrong, Ludwig?" You asked, approaching his desk
He seemed to sink into his seat. He was clearly not happy that you were there for some reason
"Ha-Hallo ..." He muttered
You sighed
"Come on, you can tell me!" You said
"Ja ... (Name) ... Ich liebe dich ..." He muttered
You gasped. He looked embarrassed, so he must have been telling the truth. You smiled
"That's so sweet ... I love you too!" You said
He looked at you in surprise. You sat on his desk and laughed
"Here, lemme fix your hair!" You said
"Hey! Isn't this a pretty picture?"
The both of you looked around and saw Gilbert standing in the doorway, laughing
"Oh ... go away. You're just jealous" You said
"Nah, I'm awesome!" He said
"Go away" Ludwig said
"Fine, be that way. I have me a whole bunch of ladies who can't keep their hands off me!" Gilbert said, walking away laughing
"GO F*** A TOASTER, PRUSSIA!" Ludwig shouted
You couldn't help but laugh
"You shouldn't swear ..." You said
He sighed
"Sorry ... he annoys me so much ..." He said
You kissed him on the cheek
"He annoys me too. The best thing to do is ignore him" You said
He smiled at you and you got off his desk
"I'm going to help Veneziano with the cooking, alright?" You said
"Ja ..." He sighed
"I'll see you later!" You said, leaving the room
You went bright red and smiled
"He likes me!" You mumbled happily to yourself

The End
Italy is so silly ... And Japan is so cool ... :blush:

Translations (Sorry for the Cursing)

Nani? - What?
Scheiße - Crap/S***
Ich liebe dich - I love you

Germany, Japan, Italy & Prussia (c) Hetalia
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Poor toaster!! XD
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XDDDD hahahahahaha!!! "go F*** a toaster" best line ever! (I actually could picture Ludwig yelling this to Gilbert)
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It would be "Geh und fick nen' Toaster!" in German. Just if you want to know. ;-)
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The best line in here was "GO F*** A TOASTER PRUSSIA!"
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